The Key To Achieving Glowing Skin

Ampoules: The Key To Achieving Glowing Skin Like A K - Star

Ampoules: The Key To Achieving Glowing Skin Like A K - Star

Korean drama stars are admired for their fair complexion and beautiful skin, so it is no wonder that in recent years, Korean beauty regimen and skincare brands have become renowned worldwide.

It is no surprise then that “ampoules”, one of the latest trending skincare products, was once a beauty secret only known to Korean women.

Today, the term “ampoule” or “ampule” is synonymous with beauty and skin care and is often used on its own. Women who are well acquainted with the latest beauty treatments and skin care products, need no introduction, but for those of us who are not as familiar, here is the 101.

What exactly is an ampoule, and how do you define a skincare ampoule?
What exactly is an ampoule, and how do you define a skincare ampoule?

The word “ampoule” itself does not directly represent its actual significance and usage. It got its label due to the fact that this divine product is stored in, you guessed it, an ampoule: a small, sealed, usually glass, vial.

Due to their airtight packaging, they are mostly free from preservatives and chemicals.

Ampoules are a powerful potion, formulated to deliver an optimum dose of top-performing, pure natural active ingredients to the skin for maximum impact.

Ampoule vs Serum, what is the difference, aren’t they the same?

Both have high concentrations of active ingredients, such as pure vitamins, to target specific skincare issues like dry skin, dark spots, or the effects of aging.

An ampule is however, more potent than serums, because they contain more condensed active ingredients that penetrate deeper, to help restore, correct or regenerate the skin.

How do I use or introduce ampoules into my skin care regime?
How do I use or introduce ampoules into my skin care regime?

Ampules are so versatile, due to the many ways you can use and include them into your daily skincare routine.

On normal days, you can add an ampule as a booster by combining it with your other skincare products. To ensure and maintain healthy skin, establish your everyday routine following these essential steps:

1. Wash your face to remove impurities

2. Cleanse and prepare your skin with Toner

3. Use an Ampule for added boost

4. Apply Serum together with the Ampule, but skip if it is too much for your skin

5. Put on Eye Cream as the skin around your eye area is delicate and requires extra care

6. Moisturiser is a key skin care product for long lasting hydration and to form a moisture protection barrier, in preventing the active ingredients of the Ampule from evaporating

7. The important final component would be applying Sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays which cause pigmentation and wrinkles

When your skin is facing distress, use an ampule as the ultimate quick fix. You can do so by first applying it onto your skin then following it up with a mask, this will aid its absorption into the skin to fully combat the crisis.

Which ampoule is the best or right choice for my skin?

To determine the kind of ampoule to use will depend on the following factors:
- Skin type
- The distinct skincare problem you want to tackle
- The specific complexion you wish to achieve

We will highlight some of the common concerns women have along with their ampule remedies:

Anti-acneViso Chiaro Ampoule will help to prevent breakouts with its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. An ideal treatment for blemish prone skin by controlling oil secretion, reducing redness and healing inflammation. 

Anti-agingAurum Gold Ampoule contains luxurious gold extracts to combat ageing and assist in achieving youthful looking skin

Splendore Ampoule has Vitamin C extracts to illuminate dull skin and lighten dark spots. 

Eye wrinkles and Dark Eye circlesHermoso Ampoule is specifically created to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten skin around the eyes

FirmingRassodante Ampoule combines Coenzyme Q10 and Royal Jelly extracts to enhance skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production

HydratingHydra Ampoule is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed extracts to give your skin adequate moisturising effects and a soft texture

What is the direction and frequency of use for ampoules?

An ampule is akin to a special nourishment or treatment course for the skin, hence the regularity of its usage is dependent upon how much you want to solve a particular problem.

Keeping in mind that ampules are a combination of pure natural active ingredients, we would want to avert heightened skin sensitivity. So if it is your first time using an ampule, remember to:
- Apply the ampule directly to delicate skin behind the ear or at the forearm area ( front part of elbow ) to test for sensitivity
- Start slow and monitor your skin’s reaction

In order to ensure that the benefits of an ampule is maximised, it is advisable to exfoliate before application, as layers of dead skin cells on your skin can hinder absorption. Remember that exfoliation is not meant to be done on a daily basis, but rather two to three times weekly for normal / combination skin, and once a week for sensitive skin.

It is also crucial to note that our skin can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients at a time, so moderation is key.

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