Our Story

Women have their own natural beauty which is timeless. However, due to lack of care, stress and environment, our skin tends to lose its natural glow. Timeless ampoules help women rediscover their healthy skin and unveil the glow within.

Timeless carries the finest selection of ampoules with high quality ingredients with no preservatives and parabens that are harmful to the skin. These ampoules have powerful ingredients that can repair, rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells to give you healthy looking skin.

My all time favorite is the Aurum Gold ampoule. Not only does it deeply hydrate and rejuvenate my skin, it is filled with anti-aging properties that slow down my aging process. And best of all, it gives me the extra radiance and healthy glow in my skin.

We understand the constant quest for excellent skin, and are happy to be a part of your journey towards skin perfection!


Sincerely Yours,

Cindy Tan
Founder of Timeless